Workout Results

It’s official; for over a month, I’ve been working out. Three days a week, I force myself into my gym clothes, and I go to the local health club. The result?

  • Complete flexibility.

Only a few short weeks ago, I could barely pick a pencil up off the floor. Now I can twist myself up like pretzel and smile while doing it. Success!

  • Less body fat.

I weigh 5 pounds less than when I started; my stomach feels tighter than it used to, and I don’t jiggle like Jello when I use a jump rope anymore.

  • I get to eat like a cow.

Honestly, I’m eating all the time now. Ribeye steak, rotisserie chicken, turkey legs – and that’s just for lunch. I’m able to enjoy such a vast quantity of food since protein is required to build muscle. Plus, I’m not gaining any body fat. Amazing.

I love how healthy I’ve become over such a short period. I’ve enjoyed the journey getting here too. I still have a long way to go before I become an Arnold Schwarzenegger,┬ábut that still doesn’t take away from the excitement of improving myself through hard work. It’s very rewarding, and I can’t wait to share my progress in future posts. Cheers!