Unregulated Internet is Killing Our Culture

picture of internet

The internet has had an enormous effect on our culture. Only a few short years ago, there was no Facebook, YouTube, or Twitter. Instead, news and information was closely controlled by a number of large media outlets. Sadly, this isn’t the case anymore, and our culture may be suffering badly because of it.

The past may have been corrupt, but it had its benefits. The media sure did a good job at making everyone feel safe back then (you were told that your neighbors were nice and friendly, and the thought of your pastor being a pedophile probably never once entered your mind). That’s because most news outlets refused to report anything that they considered crude or embarrassing. They controlled the system and decided what would be heard and what wouldn’t. The result? Everybody was more laid back (even though they probably shouldn’t have been), noisy and vulgar people were often ignored, and your kids could actually watch television without accidentally seeing a commercial for sexy lingerie. Good, clean, wholesome values were promoted, even if the promoters themselves didn’t necessarily believe in them. At least they pretended to.

Of course, that isn’t the case now. Information isn’t as controlled as it once was. Now, with infinite websites, we’re able to completely bypass the old media outlets. It’s true. The old media has lost its control over society. We now have a wider range of websites to get our information from, like websites run by a dude sitting at his computer in his pajamas at 2:00 am (me). We’re freer now than ever before… and with no accountability.

Sadly, we may have paid a very big price for our independence from controlled media. Since more and more people are able to learn almost anything at the click of a button, they’re starting to put pieces together on their own. As stories of scandal, lewdness, and violence are put in front of people every day, eventually the very values they claim to hold will disappear. That’s the endgame: the total decay of society.

In conclusion, I’m worried about the direction we’re headed in. We don’t have anyone controlling the information we receive anymore. We receive completely unfiltered data due to the internet, and it could be a recipe for disaster.