Be a Systemic Thinker First

Being analytical is fine. However, analysis is essentially useless by itself. You have to be systemic thinker too.

It’s like trying to read Chinese when you don’t know what the symbols mean.¬†Why would you even do that?

You have to understand the big picture for your analysis to have any real value, because most of your observations rely on your understanding of the world and how it operates. If you don’t know how the details relate to the big picture of things, then why pay attention to them at all?

Don’t get me wrong: I’m not saying you necessarily should forget about details. They’re important. Just make sure you that you aren’t spending so much time obsessing over details that you ignore their true meaning.

The Main Function of Online Platforms

Online platforms can be thought of as sharing centers.

Internet companies like Amazon, Facebook, Craiglist, and others generate their revenue by encouraging people to share their products or information.

  • Amazon and eBay share their platform with sellers for a percentage of the sales.
  • Facebook shares its site with people who want to connect with friends or family.
  • Craigslist shares for-sale listings for a small fee in highly populated areas.

Seeing a pattern yet?

They aren’t using the same business models, but the underlying idea of their platforms is the same: sharing. More sharing equals more money in their pockets.