A Letter to Liberals: You Made Donald Trump.

Dear liberals,

I get it. You think Donald Trump is a super scary boogieman. You detest him because you think he represents what Republicans really believe. You might even be correct. But I have some bad news. Donald Trump never would have taken power if you hadn’t enabled him every single step of the way.

Donald Trump, politically speaking, is a nobody. When he first announced his candidacy, his Republican opponents laughed. Nobody was taking him seriously, but then the you started making fun of him. You mocked him, you mocked his supporters, you mocked his ideas. You mocked him so much, that you gave him more publicity than any other candidate in history. Then he won the primaries.

Suddenly, you realized that mocking him wasn’t enough. You realized it was time to start vilifying him. You starting calling him racist, sexist, homophobic, and xenophobic. You turned him into a victim, and by doing so, you turned a clown into a Republican hero. Awesome job.

It’s as if you were trying to put out a fire with gasoline. Every time you attacked him, you only made him stronger. Even though everyone knows he’s full of crap, they still love him because of you. The only reason he’s president right now is because you just couldn’t leave him alone.

Sure, there are other reasons that Donald Trump became president. It might even be because he’s the most liberal Republican this nation has seen in decades. But nothing contributed to his success more than you. Feel proud. You enabled your worst enemy.

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