A Simpler Way to Think About Money – Quick Tip

You have to think of money in terms of purchasing power. If you make $10 a day, don’t think about the fact that that equates to $3650 a year. After all, what does it really matter how much you make per year?

If you make $10 a day, force yourself to realize that you’re making enough money to have your house cleaned, laundry washed, and body massaged once a week (at least in most cases).

Why? Because it forces you to realize the true value of money. After all, money is not about having a big number of it in your bank account. It’s about using it and maximizing its effect on your life.


Some people complain that “consumption isn’t the goal of working”. That’s completely true.

However, thinking about purchasing power isn’t really about consumption. Not really. It’s about stepping back and realizing that the nitty-gritty details of your life can be taken care of for you. It’s about understanding true value.

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