Accept Your Mistakes, Move on.

So, I’ve been running a political Facebook page for quite some time now. Unfortunately, a while back, I unknowingly shared a post that contained false information. A guest reader, seeing the article I posted on my page, left a comment pointing out the false details. I read the guest’s comment, and I didn’t want my readers to receive false information, so I deleted the article immediately.

A few minutes passed. Then, all of a sudden, my phone dinged. It was a personal message from the guest reader on my page. He had watched me delete the post, and he said he was astonished by my honesty. He said a lesser person would have banned him from the page, or would have rationalized the mistake by making excuses. He was sincerely proud of me.

It’s such a good feeling when something like that happens. I’ve also learned something very valuable: Accept your flaws, fix them, and move on. You’ll be rewarded in one way or another.

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