America’s Politcal Future

I used to think that Donald Trump marked the death of egalitarianism. I was wrong. Egalitarianism didn’t die, it just retreated, and in a few years, it will be back stronger than ever. Donald Trump’s victory only spelled the end of neoliberalism and neoconservatism, which will inevitably lead to a complete restructuring of both the Democrat and Republican Parties. This, in turn, will put America at a crossroad. Either the United States becomes Richard Maybury’s version of fascist, or we slowly turn into a socialist society; anything is possible at this point.

The old establishment is losing their power hand over fist. The neoliberals and neoconservatives have been defeated “big-league” – perhaps not by Trump necessarily, but by more extremist ideologies. Because of this, both parties will need to reinvent themselves. The Democrat party will probably change the most as the Hillary Clintons of the party are quickly replaced by extremists like Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders. Republicans, too, will become more radicalized under Donald Trump as the Mitt Romneys and Jeb Bushes of the party go hide under a rock. Needless to say, this transition of power will have consequences.

No matter what happens at this point, I think it’s fair to say that America’s future will be a radical one, but whether America becomes hardcore left or right will really depend on Trump’s presidency. If Trump can keep his popularity at a steady maximum, without making too many unpopular mistakes before leaving office, right-wing extremism will have the upper hand and Republicans will probably be dominant for another administration. What if Trump leaves office hated? Then Republicans are royally screwed, and people like Julian Castro have a chance to be president. So just pray that Trump is nothing short of a savior.

So in conclusion, I’m getting ready for a more radicalized America. I’m also going to keep a close eye on Trump because his success determines whether America goes hardcore left or right. All I can really do is make sure that I understand what kind of political climates certain ideologies require, then boom: I can figure out what’s going on (to a certain degree).

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