An Article on Decision Points.

When given the chance, people usually decide to behave lazily and slobbishly. Fortunately, understanding decision points could completely stop such bad behavior.

What is a decision point? Well, they can usually be applied to a situation where you are brought to awareness of a particular task of sorts.

Take, for example, a large bag of movie theater popcorn. Popcorn bags at movie theaters are huge — freakishly huge — and yet they are often gobbled down by the people who purchase them. Here’s the question: If the contents of that same bag of popcorn was divided into 2 or more smaller bags evenly, would people still eat the contents of all the bags? Research suggests that most people wouldn’t.

When one task is spread out into multiple segments (multiple bags), it creates a series of points. In each of these points, the person trying to complete the task becomes more aware and usually more conservative (awareness tends to have that effect on people). Hence, people choose not to eat a bag of popcorn divided into 4 bags, but don’t mind eating one bag of the same amount.

Essentially, a decision point is when someone starts taking more time for contemplation about the task at hand. It’s an important theory that has many practical uses.

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