Nobody Likes a Blunt Person

Some people are just downright blunt. You know the type: the people who spend their entire lives shocking everyone with what they say. They end up hated, perceived as arrogant, and miserable.

Of course, what they’re saying might not even be that shocking. Heck, it might even be mainstream. That doesn’t matter. Perception is what matters.

Take Gregory House’s quote “Everybody lies,” from the tv show, House M.D. That quote offends a lot of people. Of course, the idea itself isn’t what upsets people, it’s just the blunt way it sounds that nobody likes.

I’ll bet very few people would disagree with the statement: “People always choose to be their worst selves by engaging in constant dishonesty.” They may mean the same thing, but they’re interpreted very differently.

Rhetoric matters… a lot.

Softening your words makes you seem like a much more agreeable person, whereas being blunt gets you in trouble – big trouble – socially.

Don’t be blunt. Use pleasant-sounding rhetoric instead.

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