The Ability to Let Go

Unfortunately, almost nobody understands what it means to “let go”. They all have some misconceived notion that “letting go” means they should disregard their wants in life to live miserably for no reason. However, it’s quite the opposite. Letting go is the most powerful tool we have at our disposal to get what we want from life and escape misery.

Being too attached to things can hurt you. Overly-attached boyfriends, girlfriends, and family members have a bad reputation for a reason. That’s because when you’re really attached to something, you can become obsessive — and being obsessive rarely works, if ever.

Being too attached to something is a miserable way to live your life. It’s why so many men and women around the world choose to take their own lives every single day. Often it’s because they couldn’t stand the thought of living without something — so they decide to not live at all.

The truth is, you can live without some things. The idea that you can’t is just ludicrous. Don’t let yourself become obsessive. Be able to fight for your goals but have the discipline to live without them. Be able to let go.


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