What I’m Studying: Human Behavior

I’ve been devoting some of my time to studying behavioral economics and phycology. I’m beginning to understand how people are influenced, and – at least, to a certain extent – why people do what they do.

My fascination with human behavior began when I realized how easily people could be manipulated. I had one of those Scott Adams moments (unlike him, however, I’m a bad cartoonist, so don’t expect to see any comic strips by me anytime soon). I decided to dive headfirst into the broad subject of human behavior.

Knowing that I wanted to learn more about what makes people “tick”, I decided to start reading books, watching lectures, and listening to interviews; and over the past few weeks, I’ve learned more than I ever expected.

Here are just a few of the things I’ve been studying:

  • Freudian Phycology.
  • Behaviorism.
  • Decision Point Theory.

Of course, this list may not sound all that impressive, but it really encompasses a lot. The practical usage is life changing. Hopefully, I’ll have time to write in-depth articles about each of them in the future.


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