US Gives China’s App Influence Benefit Of Doubt

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Editor’s Note: This article originally appeared on Dan Bongino’s “Bongino Report’ website as a “Bongino Report original.” Style and headline structure may seem unusual.

Joe Biden may talk a good game about banning TikTok, but according to a report by Free Beacon, a hidden “delay” in the latest bill he’s pushing could be a huge gift for the Communist Chinese government.

It all started when the White House surprisingly reversed course on its initial praise of TikTok by pushing a new bill that will “ban” the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) linked app if it poses a national security risk.

Sadly, there is a loophole in this new bill that could delay any real action being taken against TikTok until it’s too late. For instance, the bill does not ban the TikTok app itself, but it will allow the Commerce Department to go after any technology that “poses undue or unacceptable risk to national security.” This blanket weasel-speak language is so meaningless that even TikTok itself has endorsed this new bill.

Praise from TikTok comes as they’ve been quietly hiring lobbyists behind the scenes to sway lawmakers in Washington D.C. to support them.

Senator Marco Rubio has come out completely against this new bill, saying that it’s a smoke screen that protects TikTok while pretending to care about national security, saying it “gives the illusion of action, but it’s not action… I think that’s what the White House wants.”

One Washington D.C. aide says that the whole thing is a bait and switch: “The White House isn’t fooling anyone.”

Why This Matters:

TikTok is so brazenly spying on U.S. users for Communist China’s government, that even Buzzfeed featured a story about how the app is harvesting data on American citizens.

The FBI has released an official statement saying that the app poses a national security risk.

TikTok was one of the most-used apps in the world in 2023. There’s no telling how much data they’ve collected on every user, including people who don’t even know it.

The fact that our own government can’t agree on taking on TikTok shows just how much power it has accumulated in our country in such a short amount of time.