John Kerry Needs A Reality Check On China

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Editor’s Note: This article originally appeared on Dan Bongino’s “Bongino Report’ website as a “Bongino Report original.” Style and headline structure may seem unusual.

Special Presidential Envoy for Climate John Kerry is now complaining that U.S. tensions with communist-controlled China are interfering with his ability to focus on abstract social engineering subjects like climate change.

Since John Kerry’s failed presidential campaign in 2004, Kerry has been occupying his time preaching on the alleged global warming phenomenon, even going so far as to secure a cabinet position in the Biden administration requiring U.S. Senate confirmation to do so.

Kerry has publicly released a statement condemning the United State’s harsh stance against China saying that it is disrupting his ability to pressure China to follow his globalist environmentalist agenda. He claims that China now thinks his environmental suggestions are baseless attacks on their government driven by petty politics.

In a statement to Axios, Kerry stated: “The climate issue has gotten mixed up into all the other tensions that exist between our countries. And so they’ve kind of pulled back a little bit, expressing the feeling that all we’re doing is bashing them and bashing them.”

Why This Matters:

John Kerry has spent years using his position in the Biden administration to work arm-in-arm with CCP-linked interests in China. Just last month, House Oversight Committee Chair James Comer (R-KY) launched a probe into Kerry’s Chinese counterpart that Kerry had been conducting climate negotiations with. He’s been without oversight for quite some time.

Tensions have been growing with China ever since Joe Biden’s presidency began. As early as February, the U.S. Defense Department shot down spy balloons controlled by the Chinese government over U.S. soil. Tensions will likely continue to escalate.

These new boiling tensions between America and China may finally signal a shift away from the radical globalist efforts that John Kerry is so fond of promoting. There may be a silver lining after all.