Government “Watchlist” Reports Are Omitting Key Numbers From Public

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As the Secretary of State delivers us assurances that the United States will respond swiftly to all terrorist acts by terrorists or their proxies abroad, other security concerns in this country are quietly going unnoticed. Namely: security here at home.

Telltale signs of weak security measures are popping up across this country. All of these events are key indicators warning us that things are not as they should be. Numbers show a clear threat to national security at a time of a heightened risk of terrorism.

Where Are They?

Over the weekend, the Customs and Border Patrol (CPB) quietly released a report revealing the number of illegal border crossings surging into this country. Hint: They’re atrocious. Approximately 2.4 million illegal immigrants crossed the border this fiscal year which is also a record number. That beats the last record of 2.3 million, which was set in the previous fiscal year.

But that’s not the scary part. Previous numbers also released by the CPB show that the number of immigrants on “terror watchlists” are far increased from what they once were. So far, 151 people have been confronted at the southern border that are on those watchlists.

But these numbers only represent confirmed arrests.

If we’re to believe estimates by our own federal government, then 0.0084% illegal immigrants encountered in FY 2023 were on the terror watchlist. Since 1.5 million of these suspects got away, it could mean that a whopping 1,260 people on terror watchlists have snuck into this country.

Increased Terror Risks

These details are especially concerning considering the heightened risk of terror attacks.

The United States government recently issued a rare public travel advisory warning to all travelers worldwide to “exercise increased caution” after the Hamas terror attacks in Israel.

Sadly, there might be a greater risk on America’s own soil.