ROI Analysis: Do Radio Advertisers Actually Make Money?

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“Digital marketing” is the hottest new buzz term these days.

Chances are pretty high you’ve been bombarded with advertisements by online gurus promising to teach you how to make millions of dollars through marketing channels like email, text message, and social media marketing.

But what’s really interesting is that one of the most stable advertising sources in America often goes overlooked when talking about marketing despite its phenomenal track record.

Radio Has Great Returns For Advertisers

You probably won’t hear this anywhere else, but according to Cumulus Chief Insights Officer Pierre Bouvard, radio advertising is insanely lucrative.

The research suggests that even average radio advertisers can count on a return of $28.82 for every $1 spent. To put that in context, radio advertising generates a whopping 2900% return on an advertiser’s money.

According To Bouvard:

“One point of AM/FM radio-only reach generated two points of incremental sales. For every dollar invested in AM/FM radio, there were $28.82 of incremental sales generated.”

This is very high compared to other less reliable industries.

Highly Engaged Audiences

One problem with social media is that it encourages passive content. Companies like TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook all make money by producing what’s the equivalent of “throw away” content.

This means less brand loyalty and less stability for you as a publisher or marketer.

More often than not, if someone accidentally unfollows your page on Facebook, they might not even notice.

As software tech entrepreneur John Valenty once wrote:

“What are Facebook lead ads? These users live on Facebook, they will check out anything and click whatever button they have to for a quick look at your offer, but their value system isn’t engaging, it’s ‘seeing’ only. ”

Radio stations don’t have this problem. According to Leighton Broadcasting:

“Radio marketing strategy has its important place… Due to the targeting potential in radio, from access to the local community to the ability to address very specific sub markets using individual stations, a well-crafted radio message can provide the insight necessary to reach the right listeners – the individuals who likely will become customers.”

This kind of hyper-targeting is what makes radio unique. The stability of the industry and the high returns on investment make it the perfect choice for people looking for a long-term advertising solution.