US Government’s Deal With Drug Kingpin Could Threaten Israel

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With the escalation of violence against Israel, one figure has mostly escaped mainstream media coverage in the way that matters. His links to the Obama administration’s series of blunders and his absence from current media coverage represents a real threat to national security of Israel. He could come back at any time.

It all began in the 2012 arrest of a cyber criminal mastermind named Paul Calder Le Roux.

Le Roux operated for many years in what is still considered to be the underbelly of the criminal cyberworld as a computer programmer and criminal entrepreneur.

Le Roux had a sprawling criminal enterprise comprised of money laundering, weapons trafficking, and selling knockoff prescription drugs online on a scale unseen in human history. The judge in the case described Le Roux’s operation as follows: “He operated a mercenary team that commissioned beatings, shootings and firebombs. He participated in the murder for hire of at least seven people,”

As a highly sophisticated computer programmer, Le Roux designed and created an encryption software called Encryption For The Masses (E4M) and disseminated it online for free, which may have links to the Islamic State. But the links to terror go much deeper than that. Even involving creating bombs and weapons of war to take down entire nation states.

But what did the federal government ultimately arrest Le Roux for? Selling knockoffs of prescription drugs.

A Not-So-Serious Charge

The Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) under President Barack Obama’s administration set out to shut down Le Roux’s illegal online operation by charging him with drug trafficking.

They led Paul Le Roux to a sting operation in a overseas hotel room under the false pretense of doing a drug deal with him. He was arrested and brought back to the United States to await sentencing.

Evan Ratliff, who investigated the backstory of Paul Le Roux’s inner criminal workings and even wrote a book about Le Roux’s crimes, says that the Obama administration purposely charged Le Roux with drug charges so they could go after employees that worked for LeRoux::

“[H]e was able to tell them about the murders [he ordered] under the cooperation agreement without being specifically charged with those murders, along with a host of other crimes that he could talk freely about. He helped them catch people that worked below him.”

The decision to do this ultimately made no sense. Here they had already captured Le Roux who had orchestrated assassinations and weapons deals with nation states – and yet they decided to slap him with lesser charges to go after his underlings.

Le Roux struck a deal with the Obama administration to cooperate with them in exchange for a lesser sentence and immunity to any crimes he might admit to later.

Iran’s Weapon Source For Cheap Missile Systems

Le Roux is referred to as the “Jeff Bezos of the dark web,” liking him to the billionaire founder of Amazon. There’s a reason for that.

During his investigation into the story, investigative journalist Even Ratliff said law enforcement later confirmed to him that Le Roux had been working on a missile system project with the Islamic nation state of Iran:

“[T]he law-enforcement sources who had been briefed on the case, confirmed to me that Le Roux had sold, or at least claimed to have sold, some sort of missile-guidance systems to Iran.”

These missile systems weren’t just a rumor. They apparently involved helping Iran outmaneuver Israel’s national missile defense systems. It was meant to be a deal that could lead to Israel’s defeat.

Tommy Cindric, one of the DEA agents who helped arrest Le Roux, said Le Roux was involved in a project to build cheap missiles systems that were meant to overwhelm Israel’s dome protection system:

“LeRoux was in bed with the Iranians. He was smart enough to take flawed technology that was out on the open market, and then exploit it to create a guidance system, to be sold to Iran, that was then designed to go on a missile system to overwhelm the Dome in Israel. Could he buy a first-world country? No, but he could buy influence in it.”

The implications are that Le Roux’s vast empire of evil was involved in destroying Israel.

The Ticking Timebomb

In 2020, during the height of COVID-19 pandemic, Paul Le Roux was officially sentenced to 25 years in prison. It’s important to realize that he’s already been serving time since 2012.

With any eligibility for parole, there’s no telling what Le Roux could be capable of if released. The worst part is that media has gone soft on its coverage of Le Roux, with many recent stories in outlets speculating if he may have invented Bitcoin.

Last year, the Supreme Court even balked on cases involving the conviction of Paul Le Roux’s hired hitmen on constitutional grounds, calling into question the legal soundness of the charges.

If released soon, Le Roux’s network could become more deadly and dangerous than ever. Instead of a national security threat, the Obama administration painted him as just a drug dealer. Very few people are taking him seriously. Based on his strategic positioning, that’s exactly what he wants.